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SEO Tips For New Bloggers To Start Getting Traffic

Written by admin on 15th February, 2013 | Posted in SEO
Building a successful blog with traffic is not easy. It requires ingenuity and research to know exactly what is needed to increase traffic and visits to a post. The various components of blog traffic must be learned to ensure that traffic will be increased. Here are some tips:

1. Select a Target That Is Likely to Share

  When you write for an audience, you should consider whether the audience will share the information provided on the blog. People who do not have a large circle to share with are not ideal for getting considerable traffic. Perform considerable research to find a target audience that will help generate the traffic necessary to be successful.  

2. Consider the Quality of Content to Increase Sharing

  Improving the quality of the content will increase the possibility that the information will be shared. Infographics will increase the number of shares because it is a better presentation than just content alone. Videos are also more likely to be shared. Compani... (read full article)

Surprise! Best Time to Post on Facebook (Possibly) Just Doesn’t Exist

Written by admin on 6th February, 2013 | Posted in Facebook SEO
Marketers using Facebook as a part of their marketing fix should not obsess over identifying the best time to make their posts because there's no such thing as that according to Post Rocket's co-founder, Mike Maghsoudi.  
With Facebook becoming an integral part of most people's lives, it isn't surprising to know that most brands are turning to the social networking site to increase engagement to their target market and boost the visibility of their products or services. As such, marketers using Facebook as a part of their efforts continuously obsess over determining when is actually the best time to post on the social networking site that will garner them the most audience.   (more…)... (read full article)

Latest Enhancements on Twitter Provide Better Viewing Experience and Brand Marketing Opportunities

Written by admin on 6th February, 2013 | Posted in Social Media News
With the increased interest in sharing photos and videos among social networking site users, Twitter just won't fall behind its competitors. The world-renowned micro-blogging site did a couple of tweaks on its media gallery and conversation view, creating a better user experience and marketing opportunities.  
When it comes to social networking, it's all about high-quality visual images. This is the reason why sites like Pinterest and Instagram remain as two of the favorite social networking sites by legions of users and marketers alike–both sites allow users to post and share images without a cinch. Facebook has also made efforts to improve their service for image-loving fans with the cover photo feature and higher-resolution image viewer. Twitter, the world-renowned micro-blogging site, has also followed suit. read full article)

Google Fights Fake Business Reviews

Written by admin on 6th February, 2013 | Posted in SEO

Due to the many fake reviews online, Google works to keep business testimonials as truthful as possible with new updates and guidelines.

  Online reviews are powerful enough to influence consumer behavior. This is because most consumers in search of products and services consult the Web prior to shopping around. The opinions that people see online eventually become a crucial factor in the decision making process. Businesses are aware of this, which is why they take advantage of online reviews to attract consumers. Many of them boost revenue through the posting of fake reviews, which are obviously in their favor. If this technique worked in the past, it would not be as successful now—in fact, it would be a waste of time. Google is determined to keep only the truthful reviews with its algorithm update. (more…)... (read full article)

Eric Schmidt: Want Higher SERP for Your Website? Tie Your Content With a Verified Author Profile

Written by admin on 6th February, 2013 | Posted in SEO

Website owners who would like to boost their site's search engine rank should look into tying their content with a verified author profile according to former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt.

In a recent article published by Wall Street Journal, some excerpts from Google's former CEO Eric Schmidt's new book, “The New Digital Age”–co-authored with Google Ideas chief Jared Cohen and is slated to be released on April–clearly states that website owners will have better chances of boosting their site's search engine rankings if their contents are tied to verified author profiles. read full article)

Content Marketing Habits that Prove to Bring Success

Written by admin on 6th February, 2013 | Posted in SEO
 With search engines giving more ranking opportunities for websites that create great content, it seems that everyone is jumping into the bandwagon. And with the competition getting tougher and tougher, it pays to develop habits that will allow you to successfully create effective content that people will find useful.  
Nowadays, businesses of all sizes are using content marketing as a part of their efforts to win against the competition, improve visibility and attract a large number of followers and loyal customers. With the constant push for excellent content, it can be quite difficult to get ahead of the race, especially if you are just starting out. And with the number of marketing messages that consumers have to filter in, how do you fight to get noticed and not just get lost in space?   The secret to effective content marketing isn't just about going viral. It also involves sticking to tried and tested habits that will allow you to build an excellent reputat... (read full article)